Buy vivo Y12, the first smartphone from the brand, is sure to set sail on its own course as one of the most sought after phones this year. This is one smart phone that will not disappoint users who are looking for value for money. The phone has all the qualities that can make it a great choice. Buy vivo Y12 is loaded with several impressive features and also offers a free gift. Buy vivo Y12 has all the qualities that will make it a perfect choice and is very much within the reach of every smartphone enthusiast.\


Buy vivo Y12, which doesn’t only vivo y12 have pleasing looks but is also loaded with impressive features. The smartphone was launched on June 20th,2021 (official) at a launching price of Rs 12,500. It has all the features that would make it a top choice among smart phone lovers. The novio version comes with a powerful processor, four mega pixels camera, 2 mega pixels camera, double band GSM connectivity, expandable memory card, micro SD card, a high-speed wireless network, and a notification centre, so that you get to know about your phone’s activities without even opening the app.

The novio model of vivo y12 has been equipped with a 16 megapixel camera. It has a native colour format, the result of which is an excellent clarity and resolution. The camera has a complete complement of tools such as a handwriting recognition facility, in order to facilitate its users in writing emails and other messages. With the help of this facility, you can send a message from just about any app, irrespective of the keyboard and the screen size. In this way, the entire messaging experience becomes simple and hassle free.

Another good feature of this handset is its ultraviolet ray resistant feature. The novio handset also features a great camera lens, allowing you to take pictures in all lighting situations. The lens of this smartphone is durable and reliable, enabling you to get the best photographs no matter what the conditions are like. The novio vivo y12 review helpful guides users in maintaining the camera in tip-top shape, so that it can serve you properly for a long time to come.

The vivo y12 features a single primary camera, rather than the two previously mentioned. You can use this primary camera to capture images in any lighting condition, be it direct sunlight, or low light. If you want to upgrade your existing handset, then you can opt for the upgrade offer of this phone. This handset also has a secondary, or secondary camera, for shooting fun photos. The latter camera can be easily switched over to the primary camera, in case you feel that you need something different for the photograph you are planning to take.

If you are looking for a handset that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, then you should definitely check out the vivo y12. The phone features a sophisticated design, with an ergonomically curved back panel, and a textured surface on the surface. It offers a high definition video recording, and offers you a large internal memory space with plenty of space to spare. The vivo y12 also features a wide array of photographic functions, including an image stabilization, and image panning. The android 9 has received a lot of positive reviews from users, due to its advanced photo and video recording features, and the large amount of storage that it offers.